SkaterBoyz Diaries

The Skateboyz Diaries
Stars: Mikey Diaz, Cameron Daniels, Jarrin North, David Ocean, Derek Rei, Daxter Ryan
Studio: CitiBoyz Video
Category: Asian Amateur/Solo, Asian American Videos, Asian Specialties Videos
Director: Steven Shay

Skater Boyz Diaries DVD Cover

Mikey, Derek and Cameron: The film starts off with cute 18-year-old Mikey, back home in chilly Chicago, reminiscing about his hot summer vacation in Key West. The first flashback is the day he met cute skaters Cameron and Asian hottie Derek. The boyz suck and fuck in a backyard down the street while the owners are at work. Lots of hot action, and a spectacular cumshot by Mikey!

Cameron and Daxter: Mikey starts you off with a little story about his new fuck-buddy Cameron, and the day Cameron and co-worker Daxter played around on the job. Lots of great closeups of incredible cock-sucking. Daxter’s nine-inch monster is all Cameron can handle! But both boyz deliver great oral performances. Great spurting cumshot from horse-hung Daxter!

David and Jarrin: Mikey narrates. Skaterboy David cruises cute Jarrin outside the highschool. Both boyz are horny as hell, and they’re soon out back of David’s parents house, sucking each other off. No one is home, so inside they go. After a lot of hot sucking, Jarrin spreads his delicious asscheeks and takes a hard, intense fucking from his pal David. The boyz are very “verbal” in this scene, obviously enjoying the experience! Great cumshots from both boyz!

Mikey, David and Jarrin: Mikey explains how he finally met David and Jarrin in person, and the wild threeway they had in Mikey’s room. Starting out with some intense oral action with Mikey’s very own glory-hole, the action proceeds to the bed where the boyz daisy-chain for awhile before Mikey plugs Jarrin’s cute little butt with his thick, long, uncut cock. Not wanting to miss out on the action, David gets behind Mikey and shoves his meat inside him. All three boyz deliver awesome cumshots, capped off with Mikey and Jarrin blowing their loads simultaneously onto Jarrin’s smooth chest.

Mikey and Derek: Before Mikey leaves to go home, his Asian skaterboy pal Derek drops by to give him his going-away present, which turns out to be a wild afternoon in bed! The boyz suck each others thick cocks in every position imaginable, before spurting their loads on each other.

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