No sooner than they get inside Nae has Poj pressed up against the door. Bodies clinging tightly together they gently kiss and stroke each other. Their tongues are probing deeply and cocks are rising. Nae slides down to release Poj's throbbing member and opening his mouth he slowly slides in. Gently, he moves his lips and tongue up and down his rigid shaft causing Poj to roll his head back in ecstasy. Meanwhile, Nae has released his own cock from the restrictions of his pants and he is stroking it to a massive erection. They move to the bed and into a 69 position. Soon Nae is spreading his legs wide to allow Nae entry. Nae presses his rock hard cock up against that hole and slowly slides it in. Licking his lips, he enjoys each and every one of those manly thrusts. Now Nae has Poj prop his butt up on a pillow and is pounding his ass vigorously. With Nae's hard cock still jammed deeply up his ass, Poj grabs his own meat and pumps it to emission, shooting all the way to Nae's face and landing drops on his lips. He continues to spew his lover's stomach. Deeply aroused, Nae flips Poj over and begins to fuck that tight ass with abandon. Nae slams in and out of Poj, until he can't hold back his cum.